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Albums Turning 10 This Year

Simone Miller

Ten years ago, life was different. Thanks to Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy, men wearing vests over t shirts or sporting a fedora unironically was a socially acceptable thing to do.

However, unlike those fashion choices that certainly have not aged well with time, these five albums have.

It’s time to have a look back on five albums by artists you probably thrashed that are about to turn ten this year.


Oracular Spectacular - MGMT

It all kicked off in January for MGMT, what better way to get into summer than jam to the leading tracks from their new release album? Electric Feel, Time to Pretend and Kids were their three big singles that helped reinforce a psychedelic electro sound into mainstream music. Even listening back now, their sound nearly comes across as “big before their time” with similarities in their instrumentation and synth use being highly comparable to similar artists king in the genre nowadays.


Red Album - Weezer

June saw the release of Weezer’s third self-titled album, more commonly referred to as The Red Album. In their typical fashion, the album sticks to their tongue-in-cheek, playfully angsty modern rock sound they’re known for. Their single Pork and Beans was inspired from a meeting with record label Geffen after being told they need to make music that is more commercial for sales. Despite this album not reaping as much success as its predecessor Make Believe it still holds a valid place in our hearts, even getting a feature on The Rocks “Rocked 08” compilation album of that year.



Only By The Night – Kings of Leon

Sex On Fire was a song that was everywhere in September, you couldn’t escape it. This album stayed in our music charts consecutively for over thirty weeks, being the second most sold album in New Zealand by the end of the year. Singles Use Somebody, Revelry and Notion stacked the album full of favourable songs and made the listening experience everyone’s favourite. These tracks were basically some core alternative rock songs that consumed your spring music all the way through to summer. So what better way to warm up your start into winter than by revisiting some old favourites?


808s and Heartbreaks – Kanye West

November 2008 was time for Kanye to reinvent his brand yet again, this time saturating his music with autotune and singing to create a highly contrasting album to 07’s Graduation. Giving us the singles Love Lockdown and Heartless left us with that same familiar Kanye beat with a much heavier lyrical theme, dealing with a split marriage and death of his mother. The album is an audio experience of how Kanye felt about being sad Kanye.



Day and Age – The Killers

November was also the month that The Killers released their third studio album. With their previous releases of Sam’s Town and Hot Fuss, there were high expectations to bring a lot to the table. What we were given were songs like Human and The World That We Live In with a higher level of voice effects on Flowers and softer instrumental sound from the band. Overall it felt like a lighter album, lacking some of the punchier elements of sound that we held so highly from Hot Fuss, leaving us with a softer ending to an explosive succession of sound.