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All You Need To Know About The Double Brown Sausages

Emma Lunny
Copy of Marielle Price 8

We chatted to Daniel Butler, the butcher from Riversdale Meats in Southland, aka the legend behind the Double Brown sausage.

How did the idea of putting Double Brown into sausages come about?

My wife Katrina came up with the idea for a beer sausage, I thought of using Double Brown, just because that's what I drink...

What has the reaction been like?

Crazy! People are just going nuts for them, way more than I expected!

How many are you selling?

We have sold a couple of hundred kilos so far but keep running out. We're working on upping the volume big time this week!

How much are they to buy?

$14.99 per kg, Double Brown is great value but still costly to use in sausages.

How much Double Brown is used?

We use about 5 cans per 16kg of meat, so we are starting to go through quite a few slabs.

What is the future looking like - got any other ideas about other flavours or further promotion/distribution?

I'm keen on teaming up with Double Brown to make us the official butchery/sausage of Double Brown. Otherwise, just trying to keep up with orders at the moment but would love to keep selling further afield from Southland. 

Any other comments?