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Basement's Underground Spotlight: Getter

Simone Miller

Basement's Spotlight has found its eighth underground artist to bring to you; introducing Getter.

Tanner Petulla is the man behind the name Getter, successfully breaking the EDM scene. Coming from San Jose, California he got into music as young as 16 starting out with a guitar and playing some drums in high school bands. He was a big fan of metal and rap but discovered that making electronic beats was something he could do by himself without having to rely on other people. He began DJing and making his own music when he was 17 and moved to LA on his 19th birthday and was signed to Firepower records, followed by label collective OWSLA in 2012. Associated acts with these labels include Datsik and Skrillex so he was settled in right amongst some major influential artists of the genre. He also owns a clothing brand “Trippy Burger” with his friend Nick Colletti, the articles of which reference their old videos from the now dead social platform, Vine. In 2017 he then established his own label, creative collective and clothing brand named Shred Collective.

All About Shred Collective

Now 25, He has released countless EPs, two full length studio albums, had a myriad of successful singles and an insane amount of side project material released on his Soundcloud and associated collectives. His sound paved the way for his breakthrough with his unique heavy use of deep, guttural synths and hard bass. It didn’t take long for people in the bass community to see Getter as a minor prodigy, dubbing him “the unsung hero of underground bass culture.” Being able to work closely with dubstep stars like Datsik and Skrillex has enabled him to learn from some of the best, draw inspiration and develop his sound in a very successful way.
As his albums progress, he’s adjusted his sound accordingly, refusing to churn out the same style of music time and time again, choosing instead to venture into different venues of sound, now straying from the heavy EDM roots he’s best known for. 2017 saw the first release of his hip-hop venture under Terror Reid, releasing the song “Uppercuts” through the Shred Collective Youtube channel. This move was inspired by his time spent in studio working with Pouya and Suicide Boys, creating an album with them and wanting to try make that style of music. What has resulted is this alter ego of Terror Reid, which he has referred to as a sort of split personality, leading to say

“it’s not me but it is me. I feel like I’m going crazy, I swear to god. I’ll make a beat and then it’s there. That’s it. I go to bed and I wake up and it’s done.”

Uppercuts - Terror Reid

Throughout his career, he’s released 13 EPs, all ranging from having 2-7 tracks. His first two were released in 2011 through Ultragore records. Three EPs were then released over 2012, all from separate record labels, one of which being Firepower. His next three in 2013 were released through Firepower also, except for one independently through Bandcamp. Inner Workings was the last EP he released through Firepower in 2014 before his move to OWSLA. Popular EPs Allegiance, Radical Dude! And Wat the Frick were released throughout 2015-2016 through OWSLA and hold some of his most successful songs, including Headsplitter and Rip N Dip. The last EP he released was in February this year with rapper Ghostemane. The EP titled “Dahlia I” holds three tracks that feature heavy rap, bass lines and rhythm.

Beware: The Sirens - Getter x Ghostemane

Album wise, there has only been two made. The first release titled “I Want More” in February 2013 through Firepower. This held 8 songs, with the title track and Gunshots being the hit songs from the album. These two tracks are good examples of what his sound was in 2013 and shows how the music he makes has variation and doesn’t all sound senselessly the same. It also acts as a milestone to see how his work has evolved over the years. Some of these tracks borderline on mixing EDM and Drum and Bass, whereas the newer work is more EDM/Hip-hop focused.

Getter Presents: Planet Neutral was released in September 2015 on his Soundcloud. This nine track album was the first notable step taken toward a softer approach to music. This disheartened fans who were hungry for more, but upon the album release many were happily surprised with what they were given. Planet Neutral, a namesake taken from an anagram of “Tanner Petulla” was released with the intention of creating something different and venturing out to explore what else could be created. This album was his first fresh take on dubstep and never intended to release it, but chose to do so after a close friend who was a big supporter of it, passed away.

He’s underway working on his third album, Visceral, taking a long time to write and create the album, currently two years and counting. After hearing the tracks released for it so far, we’re in for a treat. “Colourblind” is the typical sound you could expect from Getter mixed with segments of punk rock. The second released track “Solo” features Party Nails and is a perfect example of a softer approach to his sound. On June 6th Getter released a 6-minute album teaser to his Youtube channel, hinting more at what he’s been working on. He’s said it will have a lot of features from artists he enjoys working with and will be a completely different listening experience than his previous work. With no confirmation of a release date, all we can expect is a new album from Getter sometime this year.

Visceral Album Teaser

Most of his fans know him for not only his music, but from his comedy ventures. He had a highly popular account on Vine, along with his friend Nick Colletti. Arguably the most famous vine of theirs being “Suh dude” coining the term and consequently profits from merchandise related to it. His Youtube channel also features more than just music videos, and has old vine uploads, skits and vlogs in the mix. He also starred in a Youtube comedy series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” created by friend and Youtuber Jimmy Tatro. He has said in an interview with Raver Rafting that he does want to take a break from music to pursue other creative outlets, “I’ll still do music, but I want to make movies. Not comedy like Simi Valley, but stuff that would blow your mind. I keep having dreams and I wake up and right them down. I now have a catalog of them that could be movies.”

Petulla isn’t quitting music. He looks at the move on from EDM as a graduation, as he progresses further in life experiencing more, including depression, shaping and changing him more as a person. He has explained how he is no longer in a position where creating just EDM brings him enough satisfaction or joy as it used to.

You can keep up with Getter and all his current and future projects at all his social platforms below.