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Change your attitude, Change your life

Abby Dickinson
happy man

Do you wake up every morning and smash that snooze button?

Slogging through peak traffic to and from the office? Do you Grind long hours to make sure you have just enough money to pay rent, fill up the gas tank and buy booze for the weekend?

Sometimes life can feel like a pointless, never ending cycle. Repeating the same actions and paying the same bills simply for the purpose of existing.

The average adult generates 20,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day. That’s over 833 in just an hour trip to work! “Why won’t this traffic move faster? I hope my meeting gets canceled, how early can i go home?” 

So many people have the mindset that “I can be happy once I have …..” They spend huge amounts of money and energy on things that they believe will make then happier. 

But can money really buy happiness?

Nearly half the world’s population is currently living on less than $2.50 a day. And yet we live in a consumerist world that tells us that it is perfectly okay to spend $1000 on the latest phone. That it’s just a small price to pay  because apparently having this glamorised accessory will make you a happier and more accepted member of society. 

What the ads don’t tell you though,  is that having more of the products and technology that everyone is going crazy over at the time can isolate you as an individual. It may seem cool at the time to have better “stuff” then everyone else. But at the same time it makes you unrelatable. You can find yourself set apart and alienated from everyone else.

Having whatever you want can appear desirable but at the same time will it make you happy? Nobody really wants to have a conversation about why your life is so much better than theirs. They are honestly just down for a yarn and some relatable story.

And isn’t that what makes life just better? Those conversations that leave you with warm fuzzies. The feel of the sun on your face that tells you everything is going to be okay. The pat on your back from a colleague who you have just overcome a serious challenge with. The taste of cold beer after a hard days work.

What if you were to change the way you looked at things? So many people complain about the fact that they have to go to work every day. They walk past homeless people on their way to the office, without a second thought about how lucky they actually are. 

There are people living extraordinary happy lives, overcoming lifelong illness, amputated limbs, extreme poverty or with no access to education. If you woke up this morning with a job, a voice and an education; you have everything you need to not only change your life but someone else’s as well.

Or are you just all about that string of numbers in your bank account. The balancing game of paying off each bill as it comes, because you’re still trying to pay off that fancy new jet ski. Even though it means that you have to work through the weekend and haven’t had time to take it out yet.

Changing your attitude can be as simple as saying “thank you!” when somebody holds the door. It can be as little as dropping a gold coin in the buskers hat because you can afford to go without that caramel shot in your flat white for a couple of days.

Enjoy the rain because it means somewhere out there there the food you will eat in the future is growing. And the icy cold because without it, would you truly appreciate piping hot coffee and a cozy office? 

Get up tomorrow and get excited for work. You have that job because somebody needs you to do it. The amazing thing is that by doing your job, you get to help make somebody’s day and make yourself money at the same time.

And that is how changing your attitude just a little, can change the way you look at life as a whole.