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The Best Burger Joints in Christchurch

Emma Lunny
bacon bros6

You can never go wrong with a good burger!

The burger game today has changed and is very much competitive - places are trying to come up with the biggest and the best burgers. They’re stretching the imagination and becoming very creative with their creations. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, we have come up with Christchurch’s best. Here are 7 of our fave places:

Burgers and Beers
355 Colombo St/ 478 Cranford St


People love burgers and people love beer, so they put it together. Creepy cartoons, boys with fangs, fumbling super heroes & leather bound Mexican wrestler are their style and their burgers are big in size and big in flavour. How could you go wrong? Their chips & gravy are damn good too, if you're feeling hungry. 


Bacon Bros
181 High St

They're a bunch of great New Zealanders and top notch travellers who treat each other like family. They serve Bacon and Happiness, you'll notice that most burgers come with a little something extra (a hug, joke, wink, quote, smile), so that you can have a memorable experience. Catch them at their Burger Bar on High St or at the Farmers Markets in the weekend which is where it all started. 

Velvet Burger
111 Riccarton Rd

Captain James Cook was the o.g creator of the Velvet Burger and some lads found the recipe book in the walls of the Captain Cook Tavern in Dunedin. Now, it's better than ever and their burgers are deliciously good. They have made a promise to be open very late, especially on weekends when you need them the most. They also do 2 for 1 Tuesdays!

Dux Central
6 Poplar St

If you're looking for an upscale burger that won't break your bank, with the option of five different settings, Dux Central is the place to go. They have the Brew Bar which is surrounded by exposed brick, an American Oak Bar, brass fittings and industrial lighting. There is the Emerald Room which is described as 'high-end, intimate and slick' and is furnished with green velvet and gold accents. Then there is the chameleon Upper Dux and the Courtyard, where you'll feel right at home. Lastly, they have the Poplar Social Club which is a speakeasy and you'll be treated like a real gentlemen in their leather booths. 

Slick Burgers
254 Ferry Rd

Housed in a rebuilt fish and chip shop and started up by a chef gone rogue, Slick burgers serve good-old honest homestyle burgers (and they fill you up). Their unique kiwi names like the 'PoPo', 'The Sweet Bae' and 'The Nek Minit', will not disappoint - seriously the burgers are huge! They're home of the house favourite, 'The 420' burger.

Lower 9th Diner
89 Lichfield St

Named after the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, Lower 9th Diner pays respect to Hurricane Katrina. You'll feel like you're in America as soon as you set foot in the place, as it's decked out with American memorabilia head to toe. If you're feeling especially hungry and up for a challenge, slap on five or more extra's to get yourself featured on their 'Wall of Legends'. They're known for their 'Waffle Burger', which is a fried chicken burger sandwiched between two buttermilk waffles. 

Burger Wisconsin
10 Colombo St/ 475 Papanui Rd

 They've been perfecting gourmet burgers since 1989 and found that the secret is to create burgers with mouth-watering flavours and super fresh wholesome food. They provide guilt-free indulgence that you won't want to give up, as they only use 100% NZ beef, fish and free range chicken. While they're NZ owned and operated and very proud of that, they pay tribute to the history of great burgers through their name, as Wisconsin is USA's 'Home of the Hamburger'.